Inspire me Sunday


Nothing much to say today. Just finished my floral design. Need to print it out and take photos and move on to new drawings :)

Inspire me today links :

darling magazine : I love this magazine. Wish I had more time to read all through every article.
book cub : little blog of doodles and ideas.
Johnny Kotze : beautiful illustration, love his color palette.
Amy Husband : found her via Twitter (the world of illustrators), Really like her colorful whimsical illustration and hand-lettering too!
Carson Ellis : my favorite. I wish I could draw like her.

Have a merry day everyone :)

Oh! Almost forget PiBoIdMo.

day 10 : A gray city and only one girl who could see colors.
day 11 : Little Peach and little Pear making friends ♪

1 comment:

  1. What a great post! I love posting like this. All the great recommendations. They are all great, but I especially loved Johnny Kotze and Carson Ellis. You drew me into the wonderful world of drawing!


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