Flaming Gerbera and an idea for Picture Book Idea Month

It's day 1 of Art Every Day Month ! and photo shooting is what I focus on today :)

Taking bright and beautiful pictures of my shop items is one of the challenges I encounter. I'm always learning and trying to work on it. At first, I wanted to try shooting my design but decided against it. They are not ready to be shown yet :) Luckily, I could find these gorgeous Gerbera, the flaming orange color is so striking and they seem to glow even in the dark. My place is a bit gloomy and it's quite hard to have bright sunlight these days with all the bad weather. So, I used the help of 2 desk lamps with Daylight light bulbs and a sheet of white paper on the background and just played.




I really love this last one. It looks like the flowers are floating in the air!

That's my day 1 of AEDM. I don't have any plan of what I will do each day for this challenge. I will just let it be spontaneous and exciting each morning that I wake up. :D

Now, there's another challenge I'd like to talk about. It's Picture Book Idea Month. I actually intended to just read and follow their posts. But the group is so inspiring that I can't help myself.
So, here is my first day and first idea :

PiBoIdMo Day 1 : A merry girl with wishing bubblegum.

I should have some sketches to go along with the idea but don't want to stress myself too much :)

PS. If you don't know about Picture Book Idea Month or PIBoIdMo, you might want to read what it is all about here.


  1. Such cheery flowers on this November day...lovely!

  2. Wow, these photos really brightened my day! Beautiful!!

  3. How's it been going? Your photos came out beautifully!


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