my inspiration board


I never had this kind of inspiration board before. I usually kept cards, stickers, pretty brochures, etc. in boxes. It's fun to pin up some cute things to see and think further. I especially like the flowers, which even when they are dry, they still maintain their beauty.

The center piece, some of you may be able to tell, is my floral design. I printed it out, pinned it up to see how it would look like when up on the wall. Looking at the design from this angle, I saw right away which part I would have to adjust to make it better. This suddenly reminds me that when you have problems you can't figure out, it helps to step back and see things in different angles, you will find the solutions more quickly.

Now, my problem is the board itself. There are too many things on it and I feel dizzy looking at it :p. Need to take some things off and rearrange the whole thing.

It's a good start though :)

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